My Turn :Why Are High School Studies So Tired

      Why are high school students so tired during the day?  I have noticed many students in our school during the day that are falling asleep in class.  I wonder if they are just not sleeping at night because they are up doing homework or could it be something else.  A survey was done in a California high school that studied mobile phone use and daytime sleepiness.  Could it be that high school students stay up all night on their phone talking with friends instead of getting rest at night so they are tired during the school day.       In this survey they tried to determine if the amount of time spent during the night on cell phone had a relationship with daytime sleepiness.  High Schools students who feel they need to be in contact with their peers at all times of the day and night were staying up later and were woke up during the night so they were not getting enough sleep.  A questionnaire was given to 211 students on their texting and mobile phone use.  The study tried to deter
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